Retire Early from Anything Out of Alignment

This course reveals Cherry's exact money strategy from A-Z on how she retired at 25.

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Early Retirement Academy

Cherry's one and only signature program that shows you how to create your own Passive Income Ecosystem to retire from any and all BS - because freedom is your birthright!

The 4 part Passive Income Ecosystem:

  • Lifestyle Realignment
  • Discover Your Monetizable Identity
  • Uncover Your Investor Personality
  • Design Your Freedom Blueprint

On average, my students create 3 new income streams within 8 weeks of joining ERA. Imagine 3 new income streams for you! What are you waiting for?

What is Included?

  • Early Retirement Academy Core Program: How to retire early from ANYTHING using my proprietary method, the Passive Income Ecosystem. Exactly how I retired from corporate at 25. Now Lifetime Access ($5000 Value)
  • IG Coaching Group Chat: 1 YEAR access to portal for private voice & text coaching with me! ($12000 Value)
  • Money Mindset Sparkles: Psychological hacks, law of attraction and manifestation secrets for more freedom ($1000 value)
  • Profitable Niche Strategy: Exactly how I was able to make $10K in 19 days of launching a brand new product. Monetize your passion with no income ceiling, no matter which "niche" or "anti-niche" ($2000 Value)
  • Web 3.0 Crash Course: From cryptocurrencies to NFTs, you'll learn about how to make money in Web 3 ($1000 Value )
  • ... and much more.

Total Value of Over $30,000!!

Lifetime Access (one time special): $3999
or Payment Plan: $399/month

I know you are capable of achieving financial freedom, because I helped so many of my students do the same!

"With Cherry's help, I was able to make my first $10K month in my brand new business and use that to fund my financial freedom machine! On top of that, she also helped me understand the fundamentals of personal finance, like budgeting, saving, and stock market investing!"

- Tiffany (

"Thanks to Cherry, I was able to grow my portfolio from $5k to $41K in less than a year. She even helped me start a monetized YouTube channel on stock market investing, and which is an additional income stream that helps me fund my financial independence!"

- Matt (@stock_overflow)

"Making that investment with Cherry is a NO BRAINER! After working with Cherry inside of ERA, I am able to create 6 new income streams & retire from my toxic healthcare job in just 2 months!"

- Chanel Huynh, CNP (@chanelchuynh)

My promise to you:

As long as you trust the process and implement the steps in ERA, you will get closer to early retirement!

This course is for:

  • High achievers, go-getters, rule-breakers, misfits
  • People who know there's more to life than just a J.O.B.
  • Those of us who are passionate about changing the world, and are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen

This is not for:

  • People who expect this to be "done-for-you"
  • People who can't take tough love
  • People who only watch the lessons instead of implementing the action steps

This will work even if:

  • You don't have enough money/time: that's more reason for you to apply now, as ERA solves exactly that.
  • You are just beginning your FIRE journey: Perfect! That means there's less de-conditioning we need to.
  • You have lots of limiting beliefs: This is super common, especially those of us women of color who have always been the "good girl" & the "role model"! My program specifically helps you say FU to all BS! I got you!
  • You're overwhelmed: Don't worry. ERA is created by a neurodivergent millionaire (ADHD) so I know exactly how to cut out all the overwhelm and information overload, and only include the essentials of FIRE.

If you want to retire early from anything that no longer serves you, learn from someone who retired at 25

Early Retirement Academy is YOUR program! For life!


Do I need a certain amount of money in order to start? Not at all! The point of building a Passive Income Ecosystem is to expand your income streams. You DO NOT need a specific amount of money in order to start. Just come up with your tuition to join and you're ready to start! We accept credit cards and payment plans.

Can I join if I'm outside of the US? Full transparency: it might be easier for you to implement the lessons if you’re living in the US, since you will be able to use the exact same tools and platforms I talk about in the program. However, I’ve noticed that my international students have been experiencing massive success as well, including quitting their soul-sucking J.O.Bs and creating as many as 6 new income streams after working with me.

My question is not on this page? I've intentionally kept this page simple - if your question is not on here, feel free to DM me on IG!

How do I get started?

You can get started by hitting the buttons on this page. Can't wait to officially welcome you to ERA! 

Do you value your time over money?

You can either choose to figure out my system on your own or join my program and learn it directly from me, while getting all the mentorship, coaching and guidance you need.

The only question you need to ask yourself is: are you willing to value your time over your money?

In other words:

Are you willing to buy back years of your time, youth & freedom?

Are you willing to retire from all the things that no longer serve you?

Are you willing to learn how to create new income streams & say FU to BS?